Athens indie-rockers Maserati take the stage at Orlando's Will's Pub this week

click to enlarge Maserati - Photo by Arbre, courtesy Maserati
Photo by Arbre, courtesy Maserati

Athens indie band Maserati have been fine-tuning their retro-futurist Autobahn rock for over two decades. But now they’re re-emerging in a synthwave age where the sounds of 1980s cinema have infiltrated the mainstream.

Considering where Maserati are right now sonically, the stage is more set than ever for the mighty return of their robo-rock.

Be sure to catch the notable local openers as well. Vestis is an offshoot of the amazing Fond that deals in spare gothic folk, and Dearest builds extraordinarily textured rock one loop and layer at a time.

(8 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 17, Will’s Pub, $15-$18)

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