Tremolords, Future Bartenderz and more to stir up some graveyard rock at Orlando's Will's Pub this weekend

The Tremolords (and 'OW' writer Steve Schneider, bottom left) - Photo by Jim Leatherman
Photo by Jim Leatherman
The Tremolords (and 'OW' writer Steve Schneider, bottom left)

Weekly DJ night Kinda Punk But Not Really celebrates two years of spinning all the gravest hits in the garage-punk (and way beyond) milieu this weekend with a good ol’ Halloween covers show.

The night features seasonal and covers sets from Tremolords, Problem Pack, Danny Feedback, Special Guest and more worthies. The evening will also see absurdist Orlando solo project Future Bartenderz cover the entirety of the Buzzcocks’ Singles Going Steady album in rapid-fire fashion.

“Buzzcocks were the first accessible punk band for me,” head Bartender Brian Costello told Orlando Weekly. “Of those first wave of punk bands, there was so much about NYC street life and the English class system and the Queen and the dole and it was great music, of course, but mostly alien to my experience. Buzzcocks, on the other hand, sang about boredom, and as a teenager growing up in Altamonte Springs, I could certainly relate.”

This’ll be a graveyard smash.