Far-right comedian at center of Penn State protests playing Orlando tonight

A far-right radio host and comedian who took part in an aborted series of speeches at Penn State is coming to Orlando tonight.

Anthony Cumia is a former Sirius XM host on the long-running Opie & Anthony show. He was fired from that for racist comments following an alleged attack in Times Square. He started his own radio network of far-right radio shows and podcasts called Compound Media and he's bringing a showcase of those performers to the Improv in Orlando  tonight.

Posters and a planned live-stream following the Orlando event note that Alex Stein will be a featured guest at the show. Stein was one of the speakers at a Penn State event thrown for Vice founder and Proud Boys founder Gavin McIness. The neo-fascist agitator had his planned speech cancelled by Penn State due to "the threat of escalating violence" as campus protestors clashed with Proud Boy agitators.

The event — hosted by the conservative organization Uncensored America — was billed as a comedy night. That event was named "Stand Back and Stand By," a reference to words Donald Trump said in a debate with Joe Biden that alt-right and Neo-Nazi groups took to be an acceptance of their views.

Orlando's alt-right comedy night is more strictly focused on comedians like Cumia. However, we have to be a little uneasy with any trooping in of fascist associates given the rise in Nazi and far-right actions in Central Florida in recent months. Neo-Nazi threats against The Center shut down the LGBTQ organization's planned Drag Queen Story Hour earlier this week. Proud Boys and outright Nazis have been spotted at protests and rallies throughout Orlando.  There's also the sticky fact that many of Central Florida's Jan. 6 rioters were affiliated with Proud Boys, Neo-Nazi groups, local police or all three.