Melvins stomp among us again at Orlando's Social next week

click to enlarge Melvins play the Social on Tuesday - Photo by Chris Casella
Photo by Chris Casella
Melvins play the Social on Tuesday

“Nationwide once again! Nothing like touring the USA in the fall. Everyone’s a winner!” said frontman Buzz Osborne upon the announcement of the Melvin’s extensive “Five Legged Tour,” with a deadpan honed through decades of flirting with and ultimately rejecting the mainstream.

Sludge (and doom and stoner-rock and grunge — though maybe don’t mention that to them) godfathers the Melvins are in some ways responsible for much of the favorite music of any alternative-leaning person 50 and under, whether we’re aware of it or not.

The band that trudged out of nowheresville Washington in the late 1980s — with the brilliant idea of doing the exact opposite of the lightning-fast hardcore bands then in vogue — have been on a continuously creative trajectory rife with monolithic riffs, dazzling concept albums, a bold and oft-whimsical visual aesthetic, a commitment to always staying one step ahead of expectation, and a league of young disciples in their wake.

They return to favored Orlando stomping ground the Social this week, and you’d best not miss.