Vomit Forth headline an eclectic metal rager in Orlando at Will's Pub next week

Vomit Forth play Will's Pub next week - Photo courtesy Vomit Forth/Facebook
Photo courtesy Vomit Forth/Facebook
Vomit Forth play Will's Pub next week

After all the stress and show cancellations caused by Hurricane Ian last week, I think a good heavy-metal rager is in order.

Fate clearly agrees, because this timely bill will bring the focused brutality of Connecticut’s Vomit Forth, the heavy and hairy punk metal of Delaware’s Simulakra and the acrobatic death metal of Tampa’s Tactosa. My pick, however, are San Francisco’s Snuffed on Sight because they understand that the last thing death metal needs is another vomit growler and so instead feature unholy vocals that sound like a stuck pig. Well played, gents.