Places to donate money, time and supplies to those impacted by Hurricane Ian throughout Florida

click to enlarge Places to donate money, time and supplies to those impacted by Hurricane Ian throughout Florida
Photo by Matt Keller Lehman

Orlando was only one of many places in Florida impacted hard by Hurricane Ian earlier this week. Many people are displaced and in need of immediate help. If you find yourselves able and willing, there are plenty of places to donate time, money and supplies to your fellow Floridians.

We'll keep this updated as a running list when we become aware of new efforts.

Local Supply Drives:

Food & Resource Drive for Hurricane Ian
The Orange County Classroom Teachers Association and the Central Florida Jobs and Justice are teaming up for a food drive. Drop off canned foods, bread, water, flashlights, toiletries, batteries and first-aid kits to 1020 Webster Drive between 8 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday until further notice.

Placees to Donate:

American Red Cross
The Red Cross currently have hundreds of personnel and convoys of supplies on the ground in Florida. They are asking for donations to bolster their efforts.

Central Florida Mutual Aid
Central Florida Mutual Aid is a community-powered nonprofit collective organizing in Orange, Seminole, Osceola, and Lake Counties. They work to provide for the basic needs of individuals and families in these counties.

Dream Defenders – Community Emergency Operation Center
Florida nonprofit supporting Black and Brown young people throughout Florida is collecting food and supplies to deliver to those impacted by Hurricane Ian in the state.

Farm Share
Florida nonprofit that collects surplus produce from farms and distributes them across the state to those in need. Farm Share has already transported 500,000 pounds of food, ice and supplies to Ian-impacted areas and is looking to bring more.

Feeding Florida
This organization is working with food banks all around Florida to provide sustenance to those impacted by Hurricane Ian.

Florida Ian Response Fund
Coalitions of grassroots groups including Florida Rising, Dream Defenders and the Florida Immigrant Coalition teamed up to provide on-the-ground support and relief for impacted communities.

World Central Kitchen
Chef José Andrés-founded organization is already on the ground in Florida, serving hot meals and sandwiches to those in need of food. They've already served up thousands of hot meals in the state.

Volunteers Needed:

American Red Cross
The Red Cross has activated their Events Based Volunteer portal, usually activated after large-scale disasters. They are currently looking for volunteers to assist in their efforts all over Florida.

OneBlood provides donated blood to over 200 hospitals throughout Florida and the South. They are asking for those not impacted by Ian to donate blood. All types are needed, especially O Negative and O Positive donors.

Volunteer Florida
Web portal with an extensive listing of organizations in need of volunteers in all areas of Hurricane Ian relief efforts throughout Florida.