Some of Orlando's loudest 'rage for women's rights' and the Florida Access Network this weekend

click to enlarge Caustic Bats - Photo by Jim Leatherman
Photo by Jim Leatherman
Caustic Bats

Now that the War on Women is the official legal stance of the land and not just a punk band, a big swath of America has suddenly woken up to the culture war that’s been going on, largely one-sided, right underneath them. Those grapes of wrath have finally led to a groundswell of outrage and action across the nation.

Our local music scene has responded, too, with an uptick in rallies and benefit shows. This latest event will be a star-studded two-night affair across two venues to raise money for the crucial nonprofit Florida Access Network and spread awareness about looming abortion restriction.

Opening night will take over Uncle Lou’s (8:30 p.m. Friday Saturday, Sept. 30 Oct. 1, $10) and feature bands Antagonizör, Problem Pack, Mother Juno, Super Passive and KT Kink. The next night will be just up the street at St. Matthews (8:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 1, $20) with Surfer Blood, Wet Nurse, Tight Genes, Caustic Bats and Sagittarius Aquarius. UPDATE: St. Matthew's show has been canceled.

Both events will be preceded during the day by food trucks, guest speakers, art vendors and raffles beginning at 1 p.m. Go have fun, rock out and let the SCOTUS know that what they just poked was a giant.