Florida Underground Fest 3 brings together bands from throughout the state for a two-day musical blowout

click to enlarge Wet Nurse play the Florida Underground Festival this summer - Photo by Jim Leatherman
Photo by Jim Leatherman
Wet Nurse play the Florida Underground Festival this summer

After a bit of a rain delay in the form of a global pandemic, the Florida Underground Fest returns for a third year this week.  The Fest will bring together bands from throughout Central Florida and the entire state for a two-day musical blowout.

Florida Underground Fest 3 will take over a good portion of the Mills Avenue musical strip with Will's Pub, Will's Dirty Laundry, Grumpy's Underground Lounge and Uncle Lou's all conscripted into active duty.

And they'll need that sheer number of stages, because nearly 60 bands will be getting young, loud and snotty in rapid succession. The lineup includes Wet Nurse, Caustic Bats, Flag on Fire, Coffee Project, Outtatime, You Vandal, Pangolin, Call In Dead, Control This, Obsidian, Flag Man, 430 Steps and a whole lot more worthies.

Get there early because there's not much in the way of musical filler, and stay hydrated because this one will be intimate.