Starting in July, Florida police can fine drivers for playing loud music

Starting July 1, blasting music in your car is a punishable offense in the Sunshine State.

Under a newly passed law, officers can issue fines up to $114 if they can hear your tunes from 25 feet away. The law is even stricter in the areas surrounding churches, schools and hospitals. The Florida Supreme Court struck down the last attempt at the law in 2012, saying that exemptions in that law for political and commercial vehicles were unconstitutional. The new law features no exemptions.

Orange County Sheriff's Office Lt. Mike Crabb defended the statute when speaking to WESH.

"The average vehicle is about 18 feet long so that kind of gives you an idea. If I'm even two cars behind you, I'm at least 36 feet on the average," Crabb said. "Kind of just keeping the peace. Some of these stereos that are playing out there are so loud they're actually dangerous."

Like most laws that allow officers to stop people based on their own perception, there is significant worry that the new rules will be used to target people of color