Florida man charged with bringing concealed handgun to Disney Springs

The Royal Palm Beach resident didn't have a license to carry his handgun.

click to enlarge The M&M's store at Disney Springs - Image via Mars Wrigley | M&M's
Image via Mars Wrigley | M&M's
The M&M's store at Disney Springs

A man from South Florida was charged with carrying a concealed firearm to Disney Springs.

35-year-old Aaron Josue Lopez from Royal Palm Beach was walking from a nearby parking garage to the shopping center when he was stopped by security on May 27. According to police, a scanner reported a potential issue in Lopez’s bag.

Lopez told security he had a folding knife in his bag and said he wanted to take "something else" back to his car. Security stopped him and searched his bag with the aid of police. Lopez was  carrying a 9mm Glock handgun and two magazines with 17 rounds of ammo. Additionally, he had a box with a further 14 rounds of ammo.

Police say Lopez had no license to carry the weapon, which is why he was arrested and charged.