Orlando punk band Call in Dead hit hard with timely new single 'Patriarchy'

click to enlarge Call in Dead - Photo by Jamie Chase
Photo by Jamie Chase
Call in Dead

Florida and stupid headlines are famous bedmates. Recently, the culture wars have given the ding-dong state enough spotlight to go full monty with the ugly American bit. In the führer — oops, furor — over official idiocy like “Don’t Say Gay,” many of us are absolutely apoplectic right now.

Orlando punk band Call in Dead are responding with their on-time new single, “Patriarchy.” A one-minute punk-rock torrent that hits back at toxic masculinity, it’s old-school hardcore that’s refreshingly liberated from the tired-ass tough-guy bullshit. When a song ends with “Fuck your gender norms,” the message is point-blank. When that line comes from your new female singer, Ripley Eldridge, it lands with extra weight.

“Patriarchy” is a timely counter-message from the burning heart of Florida that loudly shouts that not all of us here are like those Tallahassee assholes. Fuck them to hell. Also, midterm elections are coming up. The single now streams everywhere.

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