Orlando concert picks this week: Caravan Palace, Johnny Debt Prestage, DJ Nigel John's Funk Omakase

Omicron continues to disrupt the calendars, this week postponing the Wu-Tang Killarmy show at the Abbey. So double-check the latest listings for anything you've planned, and mask hard if you head out.

DJ Nigel John's Funk Omakase: While touchstones like the grand P-Funk peacocks monopolize the popular conception, funk music is not a monolith. And this new weekly DJ series by Nigel John — one of the city's most literate, versatile and conceptual DJs — is dedicated to showing the full ambit of the genre. Expect a dizzyingly kaleidoscopic range of prefixes that includes disco, acid jazz, soul, Latin, Tropicália, rock, electronic, psychedelic, pop, Brit, metal, avant, free, Afro, hip-hop, Middle Eastern and even yacht. So, just like you wouldn't ask for a basic-ass California roll at an omakase dinner, don't go shouting out requests for "Play That Funky Music." Take the ride, you're in good hands. (10 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 20, Lil Indies, free)

Caravan Palace: This talented French band have carved a bright and lively niche on the dual pillars of swing jazz and modern dance music. It's a mashup that's made them reliable global party-starters. This Orlando stop will be the launch of their North American tour, so expect peak opening-night energy. (7 p.m. Friday, Jan. 21, House of Blues, $29.50-$75.75)

Johnny Debt Prestage: He lives down near Lake Okeechobee now, but Jon Prestage is an erstwhile Orlando scene figure with credits in great local bands like So Help Me Rifle and Basements of Florida. Jon's also known as half of the Prestage Brothers act with brother Ben (himself one of the state's best-known one-man bands). As his own one-man band under the moniker Johnny Debt, Jon has dedicated himself to being a torchbearer of traditional Florida folk music. Come welcome the dude back and let him take you to the swamp with his old-style country and blues. (5:30 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 22, Dirty Laundry, free)

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