ICYMI: The Pulse community reacts to an "insensitive" news special, an Orlando Police officer is under investigation for serious potty mouth and more


Hundreds rally around Florida Hospital Orlando to save Obamacare:

About 300 people marched around the hospital last weekend as part of a nationwide effort to support the Affordable Care Act after President Donald Trump and Republican leaders have vowed to repeal the health care law, claiming that it is "failing." Longwood resident Sean-Paul Lewis, who was in a wheelchair with a breathing tube in his nose, says Obamacare saved his life. "My days are numbered," he says. "These should be my golden years. ... I'm just trying to just live a good quality of life."

Pulse survivors outraged over Univision news special re-enacting massacre:

Survivors of the shooting at Pulse are speaking out against a Univision news special called Crónicas de Sábado: Baño de Sangre (Saturday Chronicles: Blood Bath) that included a re-enactment of the June 12 tragedy. Victor Báez Febo, a survivor of the shooting, says he saw the gory promo videos on social media and broke down. "Two of my closest friends died in the bathroom in that scenario," he says. "I couldn't get my friends' faces out of my head when I was seeing it. It really is traumatizing. It does not promote healing." Crónicas De Sábado has since posted statements on social media saying Univision tried to create a report that was respectful but faithful to the facts of the crime.

OPD officer under investigation after video shows him cursing and threatening man:

An Orlando Police officer is under an internal affairs investigation after a video surfaced showing him calling a man a "fucking little pussy." The four-minute video, uploaded to YouTube on Jan. 3 by Ryan Romasco, shows an interaction between OPD Officer Jose Sanchez and Romasco during a disturbance call after Romasco and his father got into an argument. At one point during the incident, Sanchez tells Romasco, "If you fucking try to pass me, motherfucker, I will fucking take you in for battery on an LEO (law enforcement officer). I will ruin your shit."

Rollins College suspends fraternities over "high-risk behaviors":

The Winter Park private college suspended all six of its fraternities last week, though it won't say exactly what prompted the sudden action except concerns over "high-risk behaviors." A Rollins College spokesperson says the suspension was the result of multiple conduct issues with all fraternities, not one individual incident.