Orlando's viral Easter Bunny hero arrested for hit and run in bunny suit

Last year, a unique entity came to the rescue of a woman being hassled by a man on Orange Avenue. Disguised as the Easter Bunny, the brave defender neutralized his opponent with a hailstorm of haymakers, and his heroic throwing of paws was captured on video.

Naturally, the courage and anonymity sparked local and national interest. Eventually, the costumed crusader revealed his identity to be Antoine McDonald of Altamonte Springs.

Last week, McDonald allegedly used the same fluffy disguise to garner a different sort of anonymity. The Seminole County Sheriff's Office arrested him attempting to escape a hit-and-run while dressed in his infamous Easter Bunny getup.

And it appears some of that fur-suited hero's notoriety might have gone to his head, according to the arrest report. Allegedly, upon being apprehended, McDonald said, “I wasn’t in any crash. I’m the Orlando Easter Bunny, Google it."

McDonald was arrested for allegedly driving a motorcycle through a stop sign without halting and into a carport that subsequently collapsed on a car and the owner's home, causing thousands of dollars in damage. McDonald's motorcycle then hit a fence and flipped, says the arrest report, and a neighbor witnessed him limping across the yard.

Deputies say they went to McDonald's house, which was nearby, and saw a car pull away. Deputies stopped the car and saw an injured McDonald in the back, according to the report, dressed in his (surely by now rather tattered) bunny suit.

“[T]he bunny appeared to be alive,” a deputy noted in the arrest report, which also shows McDonald was asked to dis-rabbit-robe before being arrested.

After having leg and rib injuries patched up by Advent Health Altamonte Springs, the Orlando Sentinel reports, McDonald was booked and charged with a hit-and-run with damage, driving with a suspended license, and driving a motorcycle without a license.

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