My day in coffee, a caffeinated confession

Confession time: I drink a lot of caffeinated beverages – I always have, since my freshman year of college – and I don’t apologize for it. (There are worse extreme behaviors out there, y’know?) Whatever that liver enzyme is that metabolizes coffee, I must have double. It’s probably genetic, because my mom drinks even more coffee than I do.

Anyway, I’m extremely lucky to live in Orlando, which is bursting with good third-wave coffee these days. I was in Brooklyn recently and was actually disappointed by the selection around where we were staying. I’m also very that I can start each day with a pour-over made by my boyfriend, who is a coffee wizard. I try to support his passion however I can, to the point that we have **a lot** of coffee paraphernalia, but I assure you it’s not at all selfish! Just supportive!

He buys beans from Lineage, of course, but also from Deeply Coffee and recently the Heavy, both of which carry a lot of small-batch roasters from out of town. (King State, available at Deeply, has a way with Yirgacheffe that I really enjoy.) So I fill up my 16-ounce Zojirushi thermos – Zojirushi is the best; their thermos will keep coffee hot overnight – with that and take it to work.

But sometimes I want something to drink during my commute that isn’t hot, so I’ll go for an iced drink. If I’m feeling virtuous, it’s probably an iced oat milk lavender latte from New General. If I’m feeling like oh what the hell, it’s a 24-ounce iced nitro cold brew from Foxtail with a good splash of coconut milk. I use a glass boba straw for maximum suck-down-ability.

Then I get to work and I savor my pour-over throughout the day, poured bit by bit from the thermos into a little teacup made by local ceramicist Koozeh Pottery that I got at the Daily City Orlando Flea. Hashtag local name-dropping.

I work downtown, so I really miss the old Credo counter in the Church Street Exchange building, but it’s a short walk to Craft & Common or Deeply, both of which serve coffee cocktail-type things that are very refreshing in the late afternoon. I had “The Mule” at Craft & Common recently: cold brew, ginger beer, bitters, lime and mint. Excellent.

On weekends, a trip to La Kuma is in order: Longwood is too far to drive on a work day, but the trip is worth it for one of Justin Xiong’s pour-overs or Japanese cold-brews.

My favorite dessert is of course caffe affogato – a hot cup of Lineage’s 431 espresso blend with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Sleep? No, as long as I have access to the “This American Life” podcast, I have no problem sleeping whatsoever.


Craft & Common
47 E. Robinson St.,

multiple locations,

Deeply Coffee
111 N. Magnolia Ave.,

Foxtail Coffee Co.
multiple locations,

The Heavy
1152 Harmon Ave., Winter Park,

La Kuma Coffee
840 E. State Road 434, Longwood,

Lineage Coffee Roasting
3201 Corrine Drive, also 1011 E. Colonial Drive,

New General
155 E. New England Ave., Winter Park,

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