NYU professor Deborah Willis gives a lecture on Snap's 'Posing Beauty' at Rollins

click to enlarge "Drama and Flava From Back in the Days," 2000 - Jamel Shabazz
Jamel Shabazz
"Drama and Flava From Back in the Days," 2000
The goodness just keeps coming: Related programming around the frankly fabulous group of shows on black art (Posing Beauty at Snap; AfroFantastic, The Black Figure and Reframing the Picture, Reclaiming the Past at Cornell Fine Arts Museum) gracing our city right now continues, with the curator of Snap’s Posing Beauty giving a lecture at Rollins College, site of the other three. Deborah Willis, an NYU professor and photographer in her own right, has plenty to say not only about the documentation of black bodies but also about artists’ responses to the cultural and political climate. Dr. Willis is also the mother of photographer Hank Willis Thomas, who has work in both Posing Beauty and Reframing the Picture. (There’s also a dinner with Willis at Snap Friday, Feb. 3; it was sold out at press time, but if you’ve got an extra couple of hundred bucks and are really motivated to go, check the gallery’s Facebook page to see if there’s a cancellation.)

6 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 4 | SunTrust Auditorium, Rollins College, 1000 Holt Ave., Winter Park | facebook.com/snaporlando | free, reservations required