Orlando astrologer RJ Speiser invites you to learn to love all sides of yourself during Gemini season

Orlando astrologer RJ Speiser invites you to learn to love all sides of yourself during Gemini season
Illustration by Anna Cruz
My recent obsession has been listening to the new Lizzo album at max volume while dancing naked in my room. I always manage to carefully execute a hair toss to the beat. Honestly, it’s a profound daily meditation in self-confidence. In her most recent single, “Soulmate,” Lizzo explains, “The old me used to love a Gemini./ Like a threesome, fuckin' with him every night./ A lotta two-faced people show me both sides./ So I figured out I gotta be my own type.”

We can’t begin Gemini season without first giving Lizzo serious props for these dope song lyrics. Second to only Scorpio for having the most social stigma against their sign, Geminis are notoriously described as two-faced. I personally love Lizzo’s sassy lyrics but from the perspective of a vedic astrologer, I don’t agree with this analysis. I’m rather aware that most millennial, “woke,” astro-influencers continue to promote the archetype of Gemini as two-faced. First, this type of sign-shaming prevents us from understanding the true karmic lesson of this sign. Likewise, I know plenty of non-Gemini dominant folks who are also hella fake.

So let's break this down. The term Gemini translates in old English to the root word for “twins”; hence, two faces. Gemini is an air sign; which basically means that the energy of this sign rules the mental world. A Gemini moon can often spend leisure time tossing around random thoughts in their head. In fact, they like hanging out there (Geminis appreciate weird, quirky hangout spots — their mind included). However, you’d never know Geminis are emotionally introverted because they are undeniably charming, irresistible, social and, in my personal opinion, wicked funny. Turning on the charm is easy for a Gemini because Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. However, Geminis have a hard time expressing their vulnerabilities. This is why when their shadow side finally emerges (usually in the form of fear, anxiety, indifference and commitment issues), people want to call them fake. They’re not fake. They are just dealing with the karmic lesson of learning to express inner insecurities through their outer charm.

Similar to Libra and Aquarius (their sister signs), Geminis are also walking a karmic path of social balance and connection. They are dealing with the lessons of understanding their true emotional and sexual nature. It is easy for Geminis to be around people but often difficult to know exactly what they want from these relationships. Geminis will attempt to maintain their independence while simultaneously trying to make everyone “like” them. This often leads to over-promising. Perhaps they seem so excited about you in the heat of the moment, but then the energy dies off quickly. Before you even realize what hit, you’re left wondering what happened. It is the power of the Mercurial energy you feel when in their presence.

Perhaps it doesn’t seem obvious from the outside but Geminis usually feel a great deal underneath their charming exterior. However, the reason they are unable to express certain emotions is because they don’t exactly know how. Geminis are ruled by air and thus, they like to keep things light. Getting heavy (like water) in a conversation can be annoying and aggravating to a person ruled by air. It’s just that being cute and funny is just so much more fun! So, sometimes when you’re with a Gemini they will promise you the world. However, when they ghost you weeks later, you feel slighted. They are really a different person in their head privately than the one you fell in love with publicly.

However, I think it’s in the stories and labels we create to describe others' behaviors that are the most damaging to our self-esteem. A lesson for all of us in Gemini season is about the expectations we create about how others should act. Yes, I have been ghosted. Yes, I have had crushes who appear interested and then suddenly vanish. Just because I personally wouldn’t ghost someone and see it as an immature act of avoidance, it doesn’t mean that these behaviors aren’t valid. The lesson I am learning this season is about not perceiving others actions (or rather displays of emotional indifference) as fake. Even if someone can’t face you emotionally, this is their truth. We only have the right to label jars, not people. However, we DO have the right to decide the type people we want in our lives. So, if someone can’t reciprocate your love or appreciate your energy, then listen to Lizzo’s words of wisdom and “walk your fine ass out the door.”

Don’t ever let others limited behaviors, make you feel less valuable. We all express our emotions very, very differently — and really, some are better at it than others (shout out to my water signs). Gemini or not, some people just don’t know how to show appreciation through their actions. So, this Gemini season, before you go calling another two-faced, let's focus on self-acceptance and learn to love both sides of ourselves.

June Horoscope for Sun Signs:

Aries (March 21-April 19)
Dear darling rams, the air of Gemini season is going to lift your spirits! Air helps fire burn brighter and the happy, light nature of Gemini can help put you at ease. Aries is the first sign and offers warmth to the spring season; you are the seeds of where life begins again. Gemini is where the flowers in their full bloom take shape and thrive. The nature of Gemini offers you a chance to literally be at your fullest. With a sun, moon and Venus in this sign, this month is a great chance for you to feel your best and put it out into the world. Gemini will bring a wave of social electricity to your life. Gemini rules the 3rd house, which is the first house in natal astrology charts for relationships and friendships. Likewise, Gemini energy is more easygoing and passive. It will cool down your fire but with enough heat to still allow you to express your passion. Live it up this month and honor your wholeness!

Taurus (April 20-May 20)
You stubborn bulls you, prepare to get flexible in Gemini season. As we leave your season behind, Gemini energy is a great testing ground to all the work you put forth last month. Taurus is about building for the future. Following Aries as the first sign (the father), Taurus is the second sign (the mother), making the third sign, Gemini, the child. This is why June tends to be filled with celebrations like weddings, graduations and overall good vibes. With this light-hearted airy nature, Gemini will give you a chance to live a little. Simply, allow yourself to feel like a kid again. Take a beautiful bike ride and be present, notice the little things such as the wind in your hair. Gemini will flow with you, not against you. So, spend time this season letting go of all the emotional responsibility of the mother and getting back to being a kid again where life is full of mystery and joy.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)
Welcome home twins! Alas, your season has arrived and you can take a deep breath of all the radiant Gemini air! Doesn’t it feel good? Gosh, you guys are so cute and fun. In astrology, Aries is the first sign (the father), Taurus is the second (the mother) and here you are, Gemini (the baby). This is why June is a month of celebrations like weddings, graduations and overall good vibes. Gemini rules over the third house, representing brothers, relationships and communication. With a sun, new moon and Venus all in your sign, expect your social life to start speeding up. This will be a time where you mind feels clear, hopeful and electric. You are the child of the Zodiac and with the karmic lesson of social balance, you may feel like you disappoint people often. However, this month provides the chance for you to break down some walls in self-expression. If there are things you have wanted to say but have felt unable, do it in a letter. Write. Then write some more. Then pick up a microphone and go do karaoke. This is your month to finally release some of those inner dialogues. It also is a great time for you to travel and explore the unknown. You love mystery and adventure, so go grab some friends and find some!

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
To my darling crabs, Gemini season is here to take some weight off your shoulders. As a water sign, you are deeply in touch with your emotions. You also carry the burden of being socially sensitive, which means you usually have to properly manage the amount of time you spend with others. Often requiring some alone space in your shell, Gemini energy can support you in getting out more and really benefiting from time spent with others. This opposing “air” energy is a great way for you to reflect on areas where you can let go of some things you may be holding onto. Mars is currently in Cancer and the sun will transit Cancer at the end of the month, but this period to be more carefree is fleeting so give it all you got and flow like the wind!

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22)
My ravenous lions, give a big roar for Gemini season swooping in! This energy is a great match and pair for you. Leos love sunshine and praise and Geminis love making people feel good. Together, you guys can simply pontificate all day long. With a sun, new moon and Venus in Gemini you have the opportunity to put yourself out to the world. A Gemini sun will help you showcase your talents in social settings. If you have been working creatively on something, this is a great month to set into the spotlight. However, a deeper karmic lesson you both carry is learning to be less self-serving. This would also be a great month to donate some clothing to the Goodwill or offer a few hours of garden help to a small, local farm.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
To my innocent virgins, your childhood best friend Gemini is here to greet you kindly! Gemini and Virgos are drastically different but they are both ruled by the planet Mercury. Virgo is an earth sign and Gemini is an air sign, yet sharing the same ruling planets provides certain traits in common. Simply, you are both intelligent, communicative, flexible, active and adaptable. A new moon in Gemini this month gives a huge boost to your mental world. This would be a great period for you to take advantage of this mental energy. You could pick up a new book to help stimulate your brain. You could even read poetry aloud in a social setting (Gemini energy says don’t be shy!). Use this surrounding intellectual energy to help you approach any stress or insecurity with a calm, clear mind.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
To my beautiful, balanced scales, the sun, new moon and Venus is in your sister sign Gemini. Although you are both air signs dealing with the karmic lessons of social harmony, you are very different in your approaches to your social life. Geminis tend to let things “roll off their backs” when faced with social rejection or partnership. Libras tend to be far more sensitive in relationships and can get hurt more easily. So, this season is an excellent time for you to keep letting things (and people) go. This season will push you to let go of unnecessary baggage, emotions or people you have been holding onto. Remember if something (or someone) is meant to be in your life, it will be there. Likewise, Gemini brings in a good deal of mental energy for you, which can be exhausting. So this season will also push you to start verbalizing your needs (thanks Mercury!) to create a healthy balance between your professional and personal life.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
Dear scorpions, let's send a big shout-out to Gemini for taking some of the heat off you guys in the astro-shaming world. Unlike Scorpios, who get depicted endlessly as being crazy, Geminis are flaky. However, the Gemini energy is all about the mind, speech, talking, intellect. This is the complete opposite to your nature. This means with a sun and new moon in Gemini this month, you will have a chance to be more active in your social life. Gemini should inspire you to show some of those things you’ve been hiding. Scorpios are watery beings filled with emotions, silence and mystery. However, these two signs can relate over their fears of showing their true feelings. If anyone can understand a Gemini, it’s you. In short, a Gemini may overthink things but you can over-feel things. So, use this month to explore an intellectual approach to your nature. Ask questions with close, trustworthy friends to figure out ways you can use language and communication to deal with tough emotions. I have learned that talking about feelings helps one learn to understand them. So, take a more intellectual approach this month in understanding (not judging) your nature.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
Cheerful centaurs, your polar-opposite sign Gemini is coming in hot! Together, you guys are the perfect pair of cheerful optimism and great conversation. It’s very important this month for you to be mindful and watch your language with others. Set an intention and say only good things about others. Simply, if the boss is being a real jerk, perhaps try to use more soft language. This will actually boost your own power. Gemini will bring out the best in you and with a full moon in Sagittarius at the end of the month, lots of spiritual shifts will occur. Use the Gemini energy to amp up your mind and the power it really has to create and manifest anything you desire. If you can see it and feel it in your mind, then it is already yours.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)
My go-getter goats, this month we have a new moon, sun and Venus in Gemini. This sign isn’t exactly your favorite energy to work with. This is because you’re an earth sign that values, stability, loyalty and consistency. Whereas Geminis are a lot more of a “free spirit” that floats up in the air. You aren’t as concerned what others think of you and definitely don’t make decisions based on pleasing other people. However, where you both connect is over your great sense of humor. Capricorns and Geminis are notorious for being funny. Although Capricorns tend to have a dark side to your humor, a Gemini will fully appreciate your sarcasm. You both love banter in conversation. In addition, Gemini’s ruling sign of Mercury can help stimulate your intellectualism (which is a core foundation of your sign). This would be a great month to go to a comedy show, laugh and maybe even work on some of your own free-flow creative writing.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
My wonderful water-bearers, this month expect some extra bright energy to zap into your life! As a sister sign to you, Gemini new moon, sun (and especially Venus) offers you a chance to push the boundaries of your goals. You are both free thinkers with a lot of imaginative ideas and progressive dreams. This month is also a great chance for you to finally speak out for social change. In fact, Aquarius represents the social justice advocate. You are undeniably practical when it comes to matters of fairness and social balance. If you have an organization, charity or cause that feels close to heart, use the energy this month to put a little extra effort into promoting it on Facebook or volunteering with them. Gemini season will push you to be more on the front lines of social change, continue to help make you the best you keep shining for the world!

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)
To my favorite fishes, Gemini season is in full effect this month with a sun, moon and Venus transiting this sign. Since you’re ruled by water, you tend to be more passive in social interactions. You’re ruled by Jupiter and you like to be the kind, good listener for others. Gemini actually sits 9 houses away from you in a natal chart. This means that your connection to them has a big spiritual undertaking. Simply because Gemini rules the third house of brothers and friendships, whereas Pisces rules the 12th house of spiritual transformation. Likewise, the number 9 in numerology represents spiritual awakening. You two are definitely different spirits and energies. However, Gemini season forces you to think more about coming down from your spiritual work and becoming more practical in sharing it with others. This season is all about using your wisdom and gift it to others through any form of communication you prefer: speaking, writing, music or even dance. Just make sure to have fun while doing it!

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