Bar Exam: Osprey Tavern pairs distinctive recipes and top-shelf libations

Essay question: Why should I drink here?  
Osprey Tavern pairs distinctive recipes and top-shelf libations with the best of them. The house sommelier (that’s French for “wine god-type person”) curates an elite revolving vino list, or you can sip one of many craft cocktails at the Tavern’s gorgeous, white-stone bar top. Pinkies up!.

Short answer/multiple choice:

After work or after hours? After work – you’ve earned that pre-dinner cocktail after a long work week

Beer/wine or liquor too? Proudly serves the Father, Son AND Holy Ghost

Check all that apply:
☒ fancy cocktails
☐ make 'em strong and keep 'em coming
☒ wine list (5 choices or more)
☒ craft beer
☒ beer: the usual suspects
☒ wide selection of bottles/cans (more than 15)
☐ wide selection on tap (more than 15)

Food? Y ☒ N ☐ Farm-to-table entrees and appetizers, an array of charcuterie and cheeses, and a stellar raw bar (oysters, anyone?)

Smoking allowed inside? Y ☐ N ☒

Outside drinking? Y ☒ N ☐At the sidewalk tables outside

Dog-friendly? Y ☒ N ☐   A well-behaved dog might accompany you at that outside table

Bathrooms: nightmare or not bad? Not bad

Bag hooks? Y ☒ N ☐  

TVs? Y ☒ N ☐
What's on? Assorted sportsball broadcasts

DJs? Y ☐ N ☒
Live music Y ☒ N ☐
Gently lilting music to put some extra pep in your brunch mimosa

Loud music or background music? See above: like we said, gently lilting

Games? Check all that apply:
☐ pinball
☐ video
☐ pool
☐ darts
☐ other