Pokémon Go pub crawl: A partial list of bars and restaurants where you can catch them all

Unless you live under a rock, you know by now that Pokémon has made an insanely popular comeback and everyone you know is obsessed with the Pokémon Go game. (Maybe you're playing too!) We're not giving you a cheat sheet, but here's a little pub crawl/game plan which may or may not get you closer to catching them all while you tip a few back or eat some snacks.

Downtown Orlando:
First head to Lake Eola park and scope out the area. There are four gyms around the water and one of the restaurants surrounding the lake, Relax Grill at Lake Eola, is a Pokéstop, as is the downtown World of Beer. Right around the corner in Thornton Park is the Falcon, which is a Pokéstop and giving out a free sake shot to every Poke player. Next, hit up Wall Street, Sideshow and the Beacham, which are all Pokéstops. 

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Photo via The Falcon/Facebook
Winter Park: Seriously, just stroll along Park Avenue or walk through Rollins College campus and you are bound to get plenty of Pokémon sightings. If you're ready for a drink, Paris Bistro is a gym. (As is the Winter Park train station, BTW.) Or if you're at Winter Park Village, Brio Tuscan Grille is said to be a Pokéstop.

UCF area: Start on campus and bring a water bottle, because this game will you have sweating from roaming this huge campus in the Florida heat. Begin at the CFE Arena which is a Pokéstop and walk to Burger U, a gym, then walk through Memory Mall where you'll find even more gyms. The Reflecting Pond is another gym. The Student Union has lots of restaurants, and a friend of ours caught a Staryu, Caterpie and Pidgey at the Subway and an Abra, Slowpoke and Psyduck out front (plus a Jigglypuff at the Dairy Queen near UCF, 14532 E. Colonial Drive). Head to Habaneros across the street from campus; it's a Pokéstop and you're going to need a margarita. Just a five-minute drive away, Cloak & Blaster is a gym as well as a place to get amazing drinks and snacks.

click to enlarge Pokémon Go pub crawl: A partial list of bars and restaurants where you can catch them all
Photo via Sam Flax of Orlando/Facebook
Milk District: So far, the only ones we know of are Se7en Bites Bake Shop, which is a gym, and Gringos Locos, a Pokéstop.

Mills 50: Kind of tough to put together a pub crawl here (at least, with what we know so far), but there are plenty of good places to eat, drink and catch. You can start at Tako Cheena (a stop) and Will's Pub (where both the dumpster and the Dolla Short mural on the side of the building are stops), then head to Sam Flax of Orlando, which is a Pokéstop where players can come get extra Pokéballs, and wind up at Ten10 Brewing Co. And Oblivion Taproom, home of craft beer and burgers, is a gym and on Wednesdays they're offering drink specials for Pokémon hunters. 

Basically, there are gyms and Pokéstops all over Central Florida. Fairvilla on OBT and Pizza Bruno on Curry Ford Road are both gyms. Disney Springs area is full of gyms and Pokéstops, like at Morimoto Asia. We'll be updating this list and covering more types of stops and gyms in the coming days, but meanwhile, like the app advises, be aware of your surroundings, and best of luck catching them all, Poké nerds.