Welcome to the 2019 Orlando Weekly City Guide

click to enlarge Welcome to the 2019 Orlando Weekly City Guide
Cover design by Melissa McHenry

It started in 2010 as Annual Manual, and while we still have the same core mission – bringing to the surface things we love in the neighborhoods of Orlando – it's gone through plenty of changes (as you can see from the vintage covers below).

There are very few things you can count on staying the same in Orlando – you can even get a drink at Disney these days! But you can safely bet on a steady cloud of construction and reinvention, hellos and goodbyes. Orlando has been a chameleonic city for decades.

This year, from where we sit, it looks like the pace of change has accelerated more than ever. We're reminded of Robert Hughes' pivotal arts docu-series The Shock of the New when we ponder the impact of UCF's downtown campus, the I-4 Ultimate's onward stretch, the pro sports landscape ... hell, having a Taco Bell in the heart of downtown is going to be a jolt, not to mention 7,700 students trying to eat there after the bars close.

So we decided this year to focus on the new and the now. Neighborhoods grow at different paces, so we've stretched the point on "novelty" in a few places, but here is a current snapshot of the newest attractions, businesses, restaurants, and things to do and see in Orlando's neighborhoods, along with our listings sections of solid city institutions. Catch them while you can.