Orlando Phil musical director Eric Jacobsen performs with Brooklyn Rider for the last time

Funk may be the wrong musical style to evoke in an item about string quartet Brooklyn Rider, but we can’t stop hearing Sly and the Family Stone as we think about this show. “It’s a family affair,” all right; brothers Colin and Eric Jacobsen (violinist and cellist, respectively) have formed the backbone of the ensemble since its formation 10 years ago. (Violinist Johnny Gandelsman and violist Nicholas Cords lock in to complete the quad laser.) And also performing at this show is esteemed folk vocalist Aoife O’Donovan – who happens to be Eric Jacobsen’s fiancée. Last year, however, the Orlando Philharmonic tapped Eric Jacobsen as its new music director, and Orlando’s gain is Brooklyn’s loss – this will be his last performance with the group, as touring and recording conflict with his new duties leading the orchestra. But it’s not all gloom and finality, especially since this adventurous performance will be in the relatively relaxed environs of the Plaza Live, not the Dead Bob. Brooklyn Rider has always been as comfortable on a South by Southwest stage as a Lincoln Center concert hall – in 2010, Vice compared Brooklyn Rider to “motocross daredevils who never screw up a stunt.” Let’s help our town’s new maestro stick the landing. 

8 p.m. Wednesday, April 27 | The Plaza Live, 425 N. Bumby Ave. | 407-770-0071 | orlandophil.org | $45-$95