Breaking news: Veggies are healthy

click to enlarge Breaking news: Veggies are healthy
Photo courtesy Dandelion Communitea Cafe
There's still time to get your body caftan-ready this summer, and a new study from Harvard University (so you know it's legit) looked at the effects of vegan and vegetarian diets and found that those who adopted veggie-centric diets were able to more easily shed pounds than omnivores.

Those on vegetarian diets lost around 4.4 pounds more than the control group (who had no change in diet), while those on a vegan diet dropped 5.5 pounds more. Now, we're not Harvard scientists, but that might have something do with eschewing saturated fats? Just a guess. 

You just voted for the best vegan and best vegetarian restaurants in town in our spanking-new Best of Orlando 2015 reader's poll, and not surprisingly, there's some overlap there. If you're thinking about going veg to shed a few, might we suggest the stunningly delicious tempeh chili at Infusion Tea (and an equally delicious one at Dandelion Communitea Cafe), the chickpea-salad sandwich at Ethos Vegan Kitchen, or the lemongrass noodles at Loving Hut?

Deprivation, schmeprivation.