The War on Drugs makes it into that Guitar Hero reboot, plus info on their Orlando show

Guitar Hero took a backseat to the more encompassing concept of Rock Band, but Pitchfork reports that the first installment in five years of the popular game (that if memory serves me correctly, used to have an entire night devoted to it at Backbooth) will feature a new instrument and will replace the silly cartoon screaming fans with real live video of fans. They're calling it Guitar Hero Live - watch the trailer above for a taste of how this shifts the gameplay atmosphere.

Among some of the new songs added in the update (Skrillex's "Bangarang," the Black Keys' "Gold on the Ceiling") is the War on Drugs track "Under the Pressure" off 2014's Lost in the Dream. If you're unfamiliar with the band, stream their album now and check back to read our interview with the War on Drugs (out Wednesday, June 17) to preview their upcoming show on Wednesday, June 17, at the Beacham. (RSVP!)