Opening in Orlando: 'Child 44,' 'Monkey Kingdom,' 'True Story' and more

Desert Dancer
Desert Dancer

Child 44: We've really needed a movie to show how hard life can be when you refuse to throw your family under the bus. Fortunately, HBO just totally made the crap out of that Scientology picture. Child 44 explores similar themes from a different angle, casting Tom Hardy as a cop in 1953 Russia whose efforts to catch a serial child killer are hampered by the pariah status he earned when he declined to denounce his wife as a traitor. Time for an audit, comrade! (R)

Desert Dancer: Freida Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire) throws in with an underground dance troupe that defies the cultural oppression of 2009 Iran to live out their dreams of artistic self-expression and rehearsal-studio romance. Just think: If only they had waited six years, they could've snagged some swanky centrifuges and a nice big hunk of plutonium in the bargain! In wide release, unless somebody in Tehran decides to get all Kim Jong Un-y. (PG-13)

Monkey Kingdom: Released just in time for Earth Day, the latest Disney nature doc finds a plucky South Asian monkey battling against the social customs of her species in order to care for her sweet little newborn baby. Narrated by Tina Fey, once again striking a blow for working moms everywhere. (G)

True Story: What the Venture Brothers once called "a deadly game of cat and also cat," this reality-based thriller brings a newspaper reporter (Jonah Hill) into the orbit of a murder suspect (James Franco) who stole his identity. Robert Durst has really raised the bar for this sort of thing: Now, we won't be satisfied unless a true-crime tale ends with the accused making a heart-stopping confession and committing hara-kiri with a ballpoint pen right there in front of our eyes. But look closely at that cast – you just know the big reveal here is gonna be that they're both Seth Rogen. (R)

Unfriended: A stalker makes it his business to avenge the death of a female bully who was shamed into committing suicide. Hey, it's more philosophically coherent than what Monica Lewinsky is doing. (R)