The sharing economy: five Orlando co-working spaces

Small business owners often face an early stumbling block: At a certain point, a table at Starbucks or the corner of the couch just won't cut it anymore. When you need a desk, a printer/copier/scanner, a conference room – and the absence of distracting TV and pets – it's time to step up and join a co-working space. Here are a few places located in Orlando where entrepreneurs can find a place at the table (or whiteboard), without having to pay for the whole thing themselves.


A slick, modern atmosphere tucked into the vintage-y Church Street Exchange building features indoor bike storage and a tech-centric clientele, not to mention a juice bar right next door.

101 S. Garland Ave., Suite 108, 407-915-3903,


The newest kid on the block features blazing-fast FiOS Internet, private offices and an in-house coffee bar, all in the very center of downtown.

1 S. Orange Ave., 5th floor, 407-701-5577,


The creatives at CoLab live by three principles: "Connect, collaborate, coffee." In that spirit of creativity, those who spring for a private office are free to decorate it however they like.

37 N. Orange Ave., 9th floor, 904-417-8430,


Though it's not a co-working space in the frowning-over-a-computer sense, Factur applies the shared-cost model to businesses that require access to 3-D printers, woodworking tools, and a safe workspace for small fabrication.

520 Virginia Drive, 407-801-3228,

Swivel Spaces

More of a general business vibe (that is, not specifically targeted to tech or creative industries), Swivel is nevertheless a quiet, airy workspace for professionals who need a home.

315 E. Robinson St., Suite 525, 407-843-6603,