Rumors abound: Rolling Stones coming to Orlando?

Orlandoans have been reporting sightings of a vague Rolling Stones billboard that could possibly mean the legendary rockers are planning to stop in Orlando as part of what many assume will soon be announced as their 2015 tour plans. According to Orlando Business Journal, the billboards first appeared Friday, March 13, on I-4 Westbound near exit 80. As of now, nothing concrete has been announced, but rumor has it the tour will be announced Thursday, March 19. UPDATE: Now they're saying the tour announcement will come on Tuesday, March 31. (That billboard is becoming a little tongue-in-cheek at this point.) We'll be painting the town black to let you know if that's the case, don't worry.

If your heart is black because you didn't get to see the Stones in their prime, this gushy review/footage from their 2013 Glastonbury appearance might get you hyped enough to honk every time you see the billboard when you're stuck in traffic.