What You're Doing This Week

I know it's supposed to rain every afternoon around here, but this shit's just been ridiculous lately. Stay dry out there.

Thursday, July 9

  • There are about eight million members in the local funk-fusion outfit known as the Good Rub, and while the style in which they play is one that often gets sunk in bloodless technicality, these guys instead choose slinky improvisation over show-off-y riffing. The Broken Inn opens. [Back Booth]

Friday, July 10

  • Johnny Wells has put together a show that's bound to be interesting and more than a little bit rockin', with The Hungry Gayze, Guts & Glory Holes, Weapons to Go, and the Queues [Will's Pub]
Saturday, July 11

  • Grizzlemania is not, unfortunately, a bear-wrestling exhibition. However, it's the next best thing: A weekend-long MC battle, featuring rhymers and freestylers from all over the country. MCs from Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Portland, Miami and elsewhere will be throwing down throughout the day at Fusian Ultra Lounge, and at the end of the night, there's gonna be a huge concert. Go. Go. Go.
  • If that upcoming Creed reunion has just got you jonesing for some bland, 407-style '90s cock-rock, A.M. Conspiracy is playing tonight. [The Haven]
Sunday, July 12

  • I can't imagine anything that would go better with the twisty, guitar-driven indie pop of XOXO than the winsome, folksy stomp of the Darling Cavaliers. OK, maybe I could, but this should be a solid bill nonetheless. [Peacock Room]

  • It's a night of spacey, lo-fi electronica, with The Magick Report and Dark Sea of Awareness. [Will's Pub]

Monday, July 13

  • On one hand, these "Garage Days" shows that the Social is putting on are totally awesome; sealing off the back bar, creating an intimate space for local punk rockers ... fantastic way to generate that small-club vibe. But the thing is, a lineup like this â?? Basements of Florida, Hurrah, Watch Me Disappear â?? could (or at least should) fill the main room quite nicely. Hell, all of the lineups they've put together have been main-room worthy. (I understand why they're doing it, since the Social's previous Monday-night locals shows failed to make much of an impact ... but that was mainly due to the relatively anonymous quality of the bands playing.) Still, getting the chance to see a solid lineup of great locals every week (and for super-cheap) is great, especially on normally sleepy Monday nights. Make it part of your regular schedule, and then maybe they'll move these shows into the big room. [The Social]