No ghetto wrap here

It's obvious why Wrap Planet appeals to Rollins students who want to skip the swank of Park Avenue and grab a casual bite next to a 7-Eleven. Wrap Planet offers a United Nations of unusual, vegetarian-friendly wraps for breakfast and lunch, smoothies, tacos and salads without the grease and guilt of fast food. 

That said, the ingredient combos seem odd at first. How about chicken, mashed potatoes and curry? If that's your cup of chai, you'll love the Big Bali. Tofu (or chicken), tomato sauce, brown rice and pinto beans? That's the Mayan Delight. Why is the Mr. Gourdini wrap so named? Not sure: There was no winter squash to be found in the whole-wheat wrap full of mashed potatoes, rice, beans, pico de gallo and Greek dressing. I did, however, enjoy the Bangkok Delight ($5.95), a flour wrap with shredded chicken, cabbage slaw, rice, cucumbers and peanut sauce. 

Don't expect to lounge around inside; there's no seating, so be ready to claim a bench on Park Ave., walk it off or take it home. Wrap Planet isn't a novel concept ' we've heard the healthy wrap/smoothie song before ' but the innards of their roll-ups are certainly inventive.