Dr. No's Oxperiment

Dr. No's Oxperiment
Label: Stones Throw
Length: LP
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Dr. No's Oxperiment

It seems that producer/rapper Oh No, last year's best hip-hop discovery, keeps getting bigger. This isn't to say his third album will sell any more than his others did, which is next to none, but his influences and technique have become nothing short of global. His promising debut was overshadowed by his own sibling, Madlib. Last year's Exodus expanded from under Oh No's own roof to include a headlining legend and a slew of Oh No's buddies. On Oxperiment, the spotlight is finally on the music and the twisted merriment Oh No makes by sampling that subgenre of Mediterranean '60s rock called psych.

Vocals are nonexistent, beyond a Lebanese wailer or Greek soul chant, for the 40 minutes or so of this psychedelic hip-hop heaven. As abstract as the conceit might seem, this trans-continental mishmash, from the driving opener 'Heavyâ?� to the backbreaking thump of 'Bouncers,â?� is some of the most commercially appealing music to come out of Stones Throw in the last couple of years.