Introducing the Dwights

Introducing the Dwights
Studio: Warner Independent
Rated: R
Cast: Brenda Blethyn, Richard Wilson
Director: Cherie Nowlan
WorkNameSort: Introducing the Dwights
Our Rating: 4.00
Introducing the Dwights isn't a much better title than its native Australian one, Clubland. But don't let that cable sitcom-like christening dissuade you from seeing this moving dramedy. The only thing more surprising than the film's sexual frankness is the way it nimbly segues into tender pathos, successfully encompassing both an adult sex comedy and a nurturing study of familial togetherness. In a perfect world, Brenda Blethyn's performance as a fry cook'by-day, stand-up comic'by-night mother ' as good as her best work in Secrets and Lies ' would be an Oscar nominee shoo-in. Divorced from her country music dinosaur husband, she raises two boys, mentally disabled Mark (Richard Wilson) and hardworking Tim (Khan Chittenden), whose new relationship with fast-moving girlfriend Jill (Emma Booth) is stunted by his mother's constant overprotection. Never slipping into the maudlin, Introducing the Dwights works because it's honest in all walks of life and is unafraid to dive headlong into the muck of marital and maternal malpractice. It understands that while we may do destructive things, we're all well-meaning at our core.