Five Dollar Dress

Five Dollar Dress
Label: Wildflower
Rated: NONE
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Five Dollar Dress

New York singer-songwriter Heather Greene initially comes across as yet another pretty practitioner of sepia-toned candlelight pop, a convergence of Carole King and Diana Krall that screams, 'Just like Norah Jones, but not really!â?� From the first notes of Five Dollar Dress, a sparse and hauntingly effective cover of 'Just What I Needed,â?� Green's special difference becomes clear. While Five Dollar Dress wouldn't sound out of place in a Starbucks, a close listen to Greene's expressive voice reveals a peculiar depth that's, frankly, kinda scary. Avoiding cloying lyrical crutches in favor of engaging metaphors and abstract imagery, the lyrics are well-complemented by the off-kilter atmospheres of the music. The warm, spacious production of Tucker Martine brings out the textures of the instrumentation, and the contribution of guitarist Bill Frisell should not be overlooked. Ultimately, though, it's Greene's unique vision and beguiling delivery that sells Five Dollar Dress as an exceptional piece of work.