Hagalo Usted Mismo

Hagalo Usted Mismo
Label: Nacional
Length: LP
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Hagalo Usted Mismo
This Chilean alt-rock collective was one of the biggest in Latin America during their original run in the '90s. Though the fire had fizzled out by the time they folded up their tent in 2000, a 2002 tribute EP by Mexican rockers Café Tacuba was evidence of their impact. Hagalo Usted Mismo is an album of all-new material, recorded earlier this year after the group reunited. Fusing elements of the various phases Los Tres experimented with in their prime ' traditional sounds, jazzy flourishes and straight-up rock & roll ' along with a certain restrained maturity, Hagalo doesn't bristle with the fire of their earlier releases. But it does breathe with the relaxed confidence that comes from having years of experience and respect under their belt. While many of the songs opt for a sturdy, midtempo groove, the bluesy, classic-rock tinges of 'Bip Bip� close out the album with a smack to the ass.