Label: Brah/Jagjaguar
Length: LP
Rated: NONE
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Sexteen
A decade or so back, Tampa's Home were part of indie-rock's lo-fi movement and, along with groups like Bugskull, were lauded on the pages of magazines like Option and Magnet and given end-of-interview props by tastemakers like Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore. While the underground spotlight forsook them ' Hair Police and Magik Markers, take note; this may be your fate someday ' the group soldiered on into the '00s to general critical indifference. Anyone recalling Home as purveyors of an often milquetoast sound palette and thematic indecisiveness may be somewhat taken aback by Sexteen's enthusiastic, X-rated frankness and hard-rocking heavy petting. 'Juicy Assâ?� supplements its sexy, ample-glute bass line and copulating guitar ruckus with a recording of member Andrew Deutsch engaging in a hand job'centered phone sex session ' surely a first in this genre. The escalating supernova ivory pound of 'Baby Yeahâ?� explores Home's more procreative impulses, and 'Teasing and Pleasingâ?� pads explicit particulars in shambling orchestra-rock moves, an Elephant Six-meets-Vivid Video groove of pronounced xylophones and sheer lust.