Review - Future Perfect

Artist: Autolux

Future Perfect
Label: DMZ/Red Ink
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Future Perfect

The thunderously attacked drums that open Future Perfect are as appropriate an introduction to Autolux as you're likely to get. When you cobble together a band featuring one of the most exciting and rhythmically sound drummers in alternative rock (Carla Azar, playing post-crushed-elbow surgery), you're bound to end up with a percussively powerful disc. Add in the guy who used to play bass in the best alt-rock band of the past decade (Greg Edwards, Failure), but put him on guitar and tell him to create mountains of melodic guitar squall. Blend in a bassist/vocalist who sings like Belinda Butcher and plays bass like Kim Deal (but who's a dude) and you get a perfect-storm sandwich of gauzy, droney, heavy rock majesty that's as sticky-sweet as it is brown-sugar-sodden. One could fault the trio for not digging quite deeply enough into their record collection ("Angry Candy" lifts pretty freely from Sonic Youth's "Sugar Kane"). However, the combination of their undeniable musical prowess and a stellar production/mixing job from the unlikely combo of T-Bone Burnett and Dave Sardy makes for the sort of alt-rock record that's only exciting to the dozen or so people who still have faith that rock can be inventive and engaging.