Review - Yes To Everything

Artist: The Washdown

Yes To Everything
Label: Lookout
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Yes To Everything

This Tampa quintet is allowing their music to be described as "danceable punk," thus aligning them with 15-minutes-of-flavor acts like The Rapture and Hot Hot Heat. But, being Florida boys, The Washdown is neither pretentious nor smart enough to allow such a trendy tag to limit their music. Sure, there's angles and edges and swagger and sexy, but there's also a nearly embarrassing streak of classic-rock riffage anchoring tracks like "Kansas City" and "Awful Truth" that would surely be disavowed by the horn-rimmed crowd. Fashion aside, these guys are possessed of a spastic poppiness that's modern without being mod, with a solid sense of star power that surely doesn't hurt.