Review - Gran Hotel Buenos Aires

Artist: Federico Aubele

Gran Hotel Buenos Aires
Label: Eighteenth Street Lounge
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Gran Hotel Buenos Aires

Although the name on the front gives due credit to the Argentinean who actually made most of the music on this album, the production credit for Thievery Corporation goes a long way in describing the music contained within. Aubele obviously loves the music of his country, and tiny, subtle elements of colloquialism do creep in. But what Aubele captures best is the cosmopolitan culture clash of Buenos Aires, blending upscale club culture with traditional touches in a way surely inspired by the dubby elitism of Thievery Corporation (who liked his music enough to sign him to ESL). Aubele is by no means an artist without his own identity -- the lush humidity of "Gran Hotel" is nothing if not a reflection of the city in which he lives -- but it just so happens that his personality was a perfect match for the label he now calls home.