Review - Only Tools and Corpses

Artist: Gorerotted

Only Tools and Corpses
Label: Metal Blade
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Only Tools and Corpses

It's a little depressing when an album like this leaves you feeling kinda ho-hum. With songs like "Masticated by the Spasticated," "Fuck Your Arse With Broken Glass" and "Village People of the Damned," you'd at least hope that Gorerotted would be good for a few laughs. But that's not the case. The British six-piece (including my favorite rock pseudonym, Fluffy Offalstench) is certainly going for an over-the-top approach, but in the more-gore-is-more stakes of grindcore, it takes a whole lot of insanity to impress. Structurally, they hit most of their marks, but the songs stretch out too long (only nine songs on an album?) and as hilarious as a lyric like "No room in my fridge cos it's full of her Bacardi Breezers/I've had to keep her in the freezer" is, it's just not funny enough. In other words, boys, I knew Anal Cunt, and you're no Anal Cunt.