Review - The New Jazz Science

Artist: Pimp Daddy Nash

The New Jazz Science
Label: Eighth Dimension
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: The New Jazz Science

Unsurprisingly, "The New Jazz Science" is bass-thick and groovy. Shockingly, it eschews the more cerebral edge of current electronica for a rollicking, hands-in-the-air funkateria of sounds. A long time (five years) has passed since "Private Leftfield Downtempo Fuzz" debuted and PDN (aka John Curtis) has, in the meantime, discovered the pleasure of the redundant beat. Curtis locks into groove after groove here and, without resorting to Big Beat mindlessness, crafts 11 intoxicating and relentlessly ass-shakeable tunes (like "Dick 'Em Down Jones") that are designed for smart people who like to dance.