Review - Lost In The Real Sky

Artist: Curse Ov Dialect

Lost In The Real Sky
Label: Mush
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Lost In The Real Sky

"Uzbekistan, Kazakstan, Turkmenistan, Maltese-Australian! Jah Love and I and Vulk representing Coke-a-Cola."

"Comical creatures in killi kookoo capers, vapors and papers for the corporate masses."

"It spread to Melanasia straight to the Kanakas who wiped it off their back and didn't eat at Macca's."

These are not the kind of lyrics anyone, even the most tripped-out underground head, expects from a hip-hop record. But those are precisely the lyrics that Curse Ov Dialect, a twisted crew -- straight outta Melbourne, Australia -- deliver. And those lines are some of the more easily discernable ones. Often, the styles of this multi-member group are so red-level weird that they're simply force your brain into shutdown mode. Unfortunately nasal delivery plagues some of the rhymers, but any weaknesses on that front are more than compensated for by a production ethic that's just as invigoratingly iconoclastic as the lyrical style. Righteous, informed and totally bugged-out, COD are about as unique as you can handle.