Review - Dark Days, Bright Nights

Artist: Bubba Sparxxx

Dark Days, Bright Nights
Label: Beat Club/Interscope
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Dark Days, Bright Nights

Timbaland's new MC protégé, Bubba Sparxxx, has a gimmick that barely makes sense: an ex-high-school football star and dyed-in-the-wool redneck from Georgia who raps about hanging out with his hick buddies, drinking, getting rich, fighting other rappers, etc. All with a flow cribbed from Goodie Mob and OutKast. Nearly half of "Dark Days, Bright Nights" consists of slow, pseudo-introspective jams that explore the lowly depths of a ... redneck jock.

You'll find yourself pining for the chemistry of Tim and Jay-Z -- hell, even Magoo -- while listening to Timbaland's burly beats. In the video for the single "Ugly," Bubba rolls around in the mud of a pigpen. That's probably where Tim should have left him.