Review - Bring on the Snakes

Artist: Crooked Fingers

Bring on the Snakes
Label: WARM
Media: CD
Format: Album
WorkNameSort: Bring on the Snakes

Following the demise of seminal indie rockers Archers of Loaf, frontman Eric Bachmann decided to turn the whole thing in on himself, releasing a self-titled debut that demanded comparisons to Nick Cave or The Pogues. Those attributes prove themselves even more on the follow-up, "Bring on the Snakes," which seethes with circular self-flagellation and broguish, drunken storytelling.

The first cut, "The Rotting Strip," is a building wash of aging and transition for those beneath the ether, rattling the miserablist realization that "we crossed our hearts half hoping/ that we could both quit smoking/ and kick the booze and blow/ and one day go make something of ourselves." The rest blur into a halogen haze, exploring paranoia and love with a sensitivity not unlike Psychedelic Furs.