Review - The Best Of: Music Is the Weapon

Artist: Fela Kuti

If, for some godforsaken reason, you are still unfamiliar with the work and legend of Fela Kuti, that situation should be quickly rectified. This 2-CD/1-DVD set will do the trick nicely. Simply a repackaging of 2000's excellent Best Of accented by the inclusion of 1982's Music Is the Weapon documentary film, this set skillfully and simply presents the musical, visual and political aspects of Fela's legacy. Long, sprawling Afro-funk jams like "ITT" and "No Agreement" are pared down to semi- manageable lengths, and though this blunts their righteous impact somewhat, for the uninitiated, they'll still be a revelation. Similarly, the film provides a cursory – if eye-opening – look at both Fela's rebellious, for-the-people megalomania and his unbelievable concert presence.