Review - Bleed Like Me

Artist: Garbage

Just when they seemed destined for the dust heap of history, Madison's finest rock/electronica quartet kicks it hard with the most guitar-heavy, rhythm-busting, fist-pumping album of their magnificent seven-year career. As howling guitars (many taken from the James Honeyman-Scott school of how to make a female lead singer sound like she's got balls) rip through these thumping songs, Garbage sounds absolutely reborn. Dave Grohl hammers opener "Bad Boyfriend" with a malevolent glee that Vig, as good a drummer as he is, could never have mustered. Grohl and new drummer Matt Walker propel Garbage into new terrain, driving the songs with a stomping power they always deserved but never received. Garbage's melody-rich songs are still enough to turn new listeners into true believers, from slash-and-burn power-pop missile "Right Between the Eyes" to nü-metal cannonball raver "Why Do You Love Me?"