Review - You Sound, Reflect

Artist: Tara Jane O'Neil

One suspects that Tara Jane O'Neil is a little bit crazy. The arc from her first work in Rodan and Sonora Pine through her solo albums has steadily spiraled inward, getting more and more inscrutable and, consequently, less like anything else out there. Now, with her third solo album, O'Neil's sound has become so devoid of outward expression that even the vocals on a track like "A Snapshot" sound like she's singing to herself with little care for anyone else's perception. The self-possessed folksiness of You Sound isn't the type of personal melancholia upon which you can imprint your own feelings; every vocal whisper and ricocheted sound effect is solely O'Neil's and though you're welcome to bathe in the sparse sonics and deft wordplay she employs, you're never allowed to get too close. Which, when you're dealing with someone who's likely a little crazy, is probably a good thing.