Review - Bad Girls Deluxe Edition

Artist: Donna Summer

Say what you want about Moroder disco and its slightly relaxed queen, Donna Summer, but there is no denying the quality of its marketing, and ultimately, the quality of the songs. Rereleased here as a double disc (accompanied by a collection of 12-inch mixes and a demo of its title track), "Bad Girls" is far better than anything you remember it being. Far better, in fact, than anything J-Lo has yet to lay her bling upon: It's all "Toot-toot, yeah ... beep-beep" and everything else you remember sweating to in 1979. This is where Lady Summer discovered a rockish production apart from the coohs and come-ons of "I Feel Love" and turned momentarily into a bitch just shy of Pat Benatar, wrapping herself in cries of "Hot Stuff" before imploring you to "dim all the lights, sweet honey." Campy to be sure, but what about pop music wasn't (isn't)? The inclusion of classic dance mixes of "On the Radio" and "Mac Arthur Park" only serves to remind that despite her newly cropped hair and relative irrelevance (VH-1, anyone?), Donna was a trailblazer to be reckoned with once upon a time.