Review - Tweekend

Artist: The Crystal Method

Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland -- aka The Crystal Method -- took four long years to drop their follow-up to the megaselling album "Vegas." In that time, they have been popping up on soundtracks ("Spawn," "Lost In Space"), The Family Values Tour and video-game scores. Well, it was worth the wait. "Tweekend" solidifies the duo's place in the forefront of the electronica movement by collaborating with a number of artists, giving The Method a more eclectic feel to its club-friendly glowstick send-ups.

The first single, "Name of the Game," features heavy riffs from Rage Against The Machine gunner Tom Morello, scratching from DJ Swampy and rhymes from Ryu (Styles of Beyond). It is the perfect blend of rock, rap and dance. Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots) lends his voice on "Murder," while other tracks deliver the expected dance goods, including "PHD," "Wild, Sweet and Cool" and "Roll It Up." The CD could have easily been titled "Reno, Nevada." Granted, you can still have fun in Reno, but it isn't the same as "Vegas," now is it?