Review - groypsounds

Artist: Rocket From the Crypt

Somewhere between hardcore and the mushy pop-punk of Blink 182 lies Rocket From the Crypt, a band reminiscent of mid-'90s West Coast skater acts like Rancid. Intense and driving, the smart-than-your-average-punk band incorporates a slew of horns and riffing guitars on their 10th record, "groupsounds."

The record is like a crash course of short, powerfully sonic sounds and coarse yet melodic vocals. Though lyrically obscure, the CD features an element of accessible angst. Of course, props should go to any DJ with the balls to play "Heart of a Rat," what could be the band's anthematic first single, if they so desired. But it seems as if commercial success is not what they desire. How refreshing.