Review - One Wrench

Artist: Avail

Upon first glance, Avail might seem like just another good but unremarkable Fat Wreck Chords punk group. But close inspection reveals a band willing to mine a style that's comparatively more original than most others. Avail's new CD, "One Wrench," is a combination of hard-hitting, anthemic New York hardcore along the lines of H20, spliced with pogo-friendly California NoFx-style punk, and a dash of Pennywise's stay-positive attitude.

Lyrically, the group explores subjects ranging from class divides ("N30" ) to finding strength in loved ones ("Bell"). The tempo usually remains fast, the vocals are gruff, and the album avoids wearing out its welcome by wisely clocking in at just over 30 minutes.

While "One Wrench" is enjoyable, it mainly exists so fans can have the lyrics memorized in time for the massive sing-alongs that will break out during one of Avail's notoriously high-energy shows.