Review - Antipop

Artist: Primus

Primus has always been known for being an odd bunch. That's why the title of the latest from Les Claypool and the boys, "Antipop," is so perplexing. These talented musicians have never played anything that would ever be considered playable on top-40 radio stations. So what's the deal? "Antipop" is the most groove-oriented album yet from this San Francisco trio, giving it a radio-ready sound. In other words, it sounds like Primus is ready to go "pop." Maybe all the exposure thrust upon the band after South Park has gotten to them.

Make no mistake, this is still Primus, and they can still do what they do better than anyone else can. Tracks "Laquerhead," "Greet the Sacred Cow," "Coattails of a Dead Man" and "Ballad of Bodacious" continue the Primus vibe, just with a little more spit and polish. "Antipop" is loaded with guest performers and producers: Bootsy Collins, Tom Waits, Fred Durst, Stewart Copeland and South Park's Trey Parker. Metallica's James Hetfield and ex-Faith No More guitarist Jim Martin even trade solos on a track called "Eclectic Electric."