Review - A Perfect Way To Say Goodbye

Artist: Hand to Hand

Although the waves of post-hardcore metal bands washing up on Orlando's musical shores aren't as overwhelming as in, say, Southern California, it's a definite fact that we have more than enough. This fact was made abundantly clear recently watching a multi-band bill that featured Hand to Hand and other like-minded bands from the area. It was a dull thud of unoriginality interrupted by one charismatic band delivering a batch of tunes that – if not completely revolutionary – at least had a personality of its own. A Perfect Way To Say Goodbye amplifies the group's personality, and though HTH are treading through some familiarly aggressive territory, it's obvious a lot of thought went into trying to give this record an individual sound. Producer James Paul Wisner (Further Seems Forever, Glasseater) did a marvelous job coaxing a brutal and unpredictable sound out of this young band and, with guys like him and bands like HTH calling the Orlando area home, it looks like our city's metal scene is managing to stay in pretty good shape … despite the dull thud that seems too loud sometimes.